Top 10 Tips on Effective Blogging

Find out how to blog to your best potential, every business requires a different plan but this should help get you going. Blogging can be extremely powerful for your business when done correctly, it can boost sales, increase traffic and increase brand quality. The correct target audience Getting your content right for the audience is… Read More »

What is a Website CMS

  The term CMS is highly used within the design business and used in most modern websites, but what is it? CMS stands for Content Management System which in simple terms allows you to make changes on your site without contacting your designer or the company that built your website. Content Management Systems come in… Read More »

Choosing an eCommerce Platform

eCommerce is becoming the largest sales platform across the world, you can start selling your products to any country with little or even no cost. Starting an online shop is any easy task when you have the correct guidance. Choosing the correct sales platform or eCommerce Software is the tricky part. Tech savvy people may… Read More »

Managing Your Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… are just the few of the many available social media sources out there. In 2014 Facebook had 1.35 billion users, Twitter has around 300 million monthly users. What does this mean to business owners? Well of course, you need to make it 1.35 billion and one. It is absolutely essential that… Read More »

LinkedIn – The Killer Summary

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community (a more professional and less ridiculous version of Facebook). Any member that registers can establish a ‘network’ by ‘connecting’ with other members. This portal allows any business or individual to look for clients/employees and promote themselves. The Isle Cre8 team encourage anyone (regardless… Read More »

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

All of IsleCre8 websites are designed and hand coded to be Mobile Responsive. However you may be wondering what that means and how all of it works. A mobile responsive website is essential on the current market, with over 50% of customers visiting websites on their mobile devices and making decisions of whether they purchase… Read More »