Managing Your Social Media

By | 15th October 2016


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… are just the few of the many available social media sources out there. In 2014 Facebook had 1.35 billion users, Twitter has around 300 million monthly users.

What does this mean to business owners? Well of course, you need to make it 1.35 billion and one. It is absolutely essential that you promote your goods or services on social media purely because of the vast out-reach that this advertising source provides. Most of the Western public currently use social media, hence if they are ‘subtly bombarded’ by information about a local car-wash or shop, they are likely to go there!

So you create yourself a business Facebook Twitter and account or let us do it for you at Isle Cre8, enter all the contact details and publicize some photos. You have 6 likes and 3 followers, now what? Well we advise that the first step you take is define your objective, know what you want your social media page to achieve. Whether it’s increasing your brand recognition, selling a product or creating positive customer relationships. As soon as you define your goal you can work towards reaching it.

Let’s take the example of a small retailer who sells local produce, first step is to get the outreach to the customers, so they know you are there! Invite your friends and family, encourage them to share your posts. Ask your in-store customers to check your Facebook and Twitter page. Be persistent until you are happy with the numbers, then go a mile further and get another 50 likes or 30 followers. However always remember to try to keep to your target audience (although the beginnings may be difficult). If you’re selling local jams and pickles try not to invite 14 year old teenagers to like your page!

Upload photos, humans are visual, they will be more attracted to a lovely picture than to a block of writing. Engage with your fans – ask for opinions, surveys, host competitions, prizes, intelligently bribe the customers – making sure you get the overall benefit. Tell your customers how well you are doing for them, positive statistics and facts about your business are essential – you can also include your plans for the future, what good things will happen that improve your customers experience. They’ll love that!

Finally, track your progress. When you get a tweet that for 5 retweets and 11 favorites, try to figure out why – then repeat the process with different content. A week where you got 43 new likes on Facebook? Think why that happened. But the most important tip is to keep active and have a good sense of humour. Social media is as simple as that but maintaining a good social page is constant input and work which takes time, time that many businesses don’t have.

So let Isle Cre8 take the hassle out of your social media by running it for you from only £40 per month.

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