Top 10 Tips on Effective Blogging

By | 27th October 2016


Find out how to blog to your best potential, every business requires a different plan but this should help get you going. Blogging can be extremely powerful for your business when done correctly, it can boost sales, increase traffic and increase brand quality.

The correct target audience

Getting your content right for the audience is the difference between keeping them engaged and loosing them instantly. Blog relative information on similar topics to your business to keep them interested

Eye Catching Imagery

Images are everything for potential customers and readers, high quality graphics will help to sell your blog articles and get people to click the links. Images need not be complicated, just clear to read and straight to the point.

Content Length

Writing the correct length of content will vary depending on your business type, making sure that detail is always included to not leave people thinking there is more. In terms of detail, never reveal the secrets that make you great at your job, we want to gain work not show someone else how to do it themselves.

Links Between Content

Remember to link between various articles that you have written and pages on your website , linking can be simple and effective at keeping customers on your website for longer. Internal links are also great for SEO its is easy to create a link, article coming soon!

Using Categories

Categories are a great way of separating articles into easily findable items, this is especially useful for a visitor if the have read one article and would like to read another about the same category. Its in the name, categories.

Blog Article Titles

A title can be the most important part, it features across all shared links on popular social media sites. Your title is also used across search engines for the individual page title, don’t forget, each article a new page to your website.

Featured Image

The featured image is used across the site and in previews when shared on social media sites, we recommend that you use the same image that is used as the first image in the article.

Files and Downloads

As you won’t already know, you can add pdfs, videos and all manner of file types into your blog posts. Share your favorite YouTube videos, embed graphs and tables, it can be a powerful marketing tool.

Page Tags

Adding page tags is quick and easy but it allows users to quickly search for more of the same articles. We recommend 5-7 tags about the content you are writing in each article.

Happy Blogging

We aim to blog 3-5 times a week, everyday would be great but we run out of time. Blog as much or as little as you wish but it really does work at creating new exciting leads for your business from across the web. Give it a go, it is free after all!

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