What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

By | 15th October 2016


All of IsleCre8 websites are designed and hand coded to be Mobile Responsive. However you may be wondering what that means and how all of it works.

A mobile responsive website is essential on the current market, with over 50% of customers visiting websites on their mobile devices and making decisions of whether they purchase the product based on their experience. When a website is responsive, the content and the layout will adapt to the size of the screen the user views it on.

Think of an average user and the devices they may use on a day-to-day basis: a mobile phone is essential – nearly everyone holds one in their pocket, then there might be a tablet (iPad, Kindle etc.) or a laptop, finally a PC or a Mac. All of those devices have a different screen size and will (or should!) display websites in a completely different way.

The content adapts to the size of the container like a liquid – still having the same ‘volume’ (all of the content will still be available to the user), however it will fill up more vertical space as the horizontal space decreases.

If a user is browsing your site from a mobile device, you don’t want them to have to zoom and search for an under-size piece of information (which would be the perfect size on a desktop – but not on a 5inch screen!). The better user experience your customers receive the better your company will be perceived.

Yet another point to consider is that Google likes Responsive Websites, it is more efficient for them to index and organise the content and hence they will rank them higher than non-responsive ones. Which in turn brings your business higher up on the search engine and increases the chance of user interaction.

Let’s get your website responsive to customers, now.

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