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By | 26th October 2016



The term CMS is highly used within the design business and used in most modern websites, but what is it?

CMS stands for Content Management System which in simple terms allows you to make changes on your site without contacting your designer or the company that built your website. Content Management Systems come in a variety of packages from simple blogging applications to full site management that allows 1 click software installs to improve your website.

There are two types of CMS options that are used on websites across the web, Bespoke CMS Systems and Package CMS Systems. Bespoke CMS systems offer the ability to cater for your exact needs, however the cost of a bespoke system can be extremely high and out of budget for the average retailer and business. Off the shelf packages are a lot more affordable and even free, a large range of CMS Packages are built on Opensource code making them completely free, this lends them towards having a large range of forums available for any issues that may occur.

Using a bespoke CMS

  • Tailored to your exact needs
  • Easy integration of custom software
  • Completely control over coding and vulnerabilities
  • Large start up cost and ongoing costs

Using a Package CMS

  • Free or very little cost
  • Large support from forums
  • Opensource Software
  • Easily install new code without coding knowledge

WordPress is considered to be the worlds most popular CMS, which is why all of our websites that require user edits are built on it. It allows for a range of additional extras from shopping system through to calendars and booking software for hotels. So where do we as designers come in? There is only a finite amount of stuff that can be completed before you need to change code, and changing code is our job, everyday, so your in good hands.

But what if you need a Custom Content Management Software? Well first of all, prepare to dig deep into your pockets and understand the financial cost of a bespoke system, once started it will be ongoing. However if an off the shelf system doesn’t have the required functionality then his is the only way to go other than modifying a package based CMS. Bespoke Content Management Systems do however take longer so don’t expect your website to be done quickly, once it is done it will do all that is needed for your website.

In the end it comes down to this

Can an off the shelf Content Management System package cover your needs?

No – Dig deep and prepare for a large amount of development, possible rethink your ideas so that an off the shelf package can be used to reduce startup costs with a plan to develop in the future if costs are an issue.

Yes –  It looks like a quick and efficient website to us, we will be able to get you up and running in no time at an affordable price for all businesses.


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