Analyse & Develop
Analysing statistics that your business produces and adapting according to their messages can hugely improve you potential (and sales!).

We believe it’s very important to review your performance, whether it’s your social media or website visits.

Of course all of this takes time, hence IsleCre8 are able to monitor and provide you with feedback regarding your social media and more. We are also able to have weekly meetings with you, where a review of your business plan will be provided – based on the information you supply us with.

Social Media - £20/week

You provide us with your login details and we do the rest of the work for you. Providing weekly reports on how well each post has done, how many customers viewed your page and what ways you could improve.

This package goes perfectly with our social media management. Click here for more!

Google Analytics - £40/In Depth Report

Want to know how well your business is doing online?
Let us give your business a full evaluation across Google and make sure it has that number one spot, if your website is on page 2 then you might as well not bother as you could hide a dead body there.

Our full in depth report provides you with full statistics on who is visiting your site, session length, bounce rate, plus many many more. All will be produced into a folder with graphs and tables for us to show you where to make improvements with our help.

Monthly Google Analytics's Report - £20/per month

Get a structured report posted and emailed to your business every month. Within the document you will receive a breakdown of all vistors to your site, their behaviour and much more. You will also be provided with a series of ways in which you can improve your business each month online with our help.

Structured Business Meeting

We will act as a third party opinion for your business by first fully researching what you and your business provides and its current state online. Advising you on how the information (sales, targets etc.) can be changed and impact your current situation.

*The meetings take place in our professional office environment
*Coffee and biscuits included